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Integral Thermal SHRINKIN Chucks with Standard Taper Adaptation

Integral SRKIN Chucks, 6-32 mm diameter range. HSK A50/63/100; HSK FM 63/80; BT40/50; CAT40/50.
SRKIN FACE CONTACT Chucks, BT FC 40/50; CAT FC 40/50.
Integral Slime Line Chucks (SRK), 3-12 mm diameter range. HSK A63, HSK E32/40/50/63, BT 30,40; CAT40

The new generation integral SRKIN Chucks line was designed for milling applications requiring higher rigidity and higher runout accuracy .
The integral SRK new chucks actually integrate into SHRINKIN ER SRK…slime ER20, ER25, ER32 collets with standard taper shanks to form a single, solid piece chuck.
SRKIN integral chucks may be used for solid carbide, steel & HSS shanks, while the SRK Slime line is suitable for solid carbide only.
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